Help Me Move to Portland!

PaulSo, I’ve thought a while about doing this, but I decided it might be most helpful to ask people for help in moving to Portland.  My work as a massage therapist is enough to pay for my living expenses here in Sacramento, but saving enough to make a big move has been elusive.

So, I’m asking for your help.  To move as successfully as possible, I have set a budget of $7500 to relocate my household and massage business equipment.  This includes the move itself, a dog-friendly apartment, and a small single-room office space from which I can set up my massage business.

If you can help, please donate today

On Loss and Relief

During the time prior to my father’s death, I spent two years caring for him 24/7, and one year taking him to his doctors’ appointments while my younger sister cared for him.  Now that he’s gone, I find that I have a large chunk of mental energy that has been freed.

Because I started thinking about his death back in 2010 when my ex and I first started caring for him, I felt very calm and collected when he was admitted to the ICU.  It definitely helped me to decide about what direction his care should take.  He and I had had several conversations about what he wanted in his final days that I was able to take the burden off my sisters’ shoulders.  When it seemed that he had come to useful treatment that last day of his life, I decided to switch him to comfort care, and he died peacefully and without suffering the next day.

But now that he is gone, all of that carefully prepared mental structure I built has crumbled around me.  A strange mix of grief and relief has taken over in my mind.  The two feelings seemingly war with each other, and I feel somewhat distraught at feeling relieved.  The relief is not happiness, but it sets off the same kind of response to his death.

I know in my head that these feelings are all normal, so I suppose I shall have to learn to live with them without feeling guilty about feeling relieved.

Thanksgiving 2012

With my father at my younger sister’s for the week, and Nicholas and I no longer together, the urgency to celebrate thanksgiving didn’t seem as strong this year.

So I dined at with my friends, Darwin and Kevin, at Darwin’s home in Greenhaven. The two of them had never met /, but I thought they’d get along we’ll, and they did.

Dinner was a simple affair, with a lasagna and cream cheese or from Darwin, roasted Brussel sprouts from me, and pumpkin pie from Kevin. Altogether a delightful evening.

After dropping Kevin off, I came home to snuggle with my sweet schnauzer, Suki. I am very thankful for the simplicity of the day.


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